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We grow 15 different varieties of both bi-color and yellow sweet corn, spread over the season!
Admission is free and all are welcome, whether you wish to choose your vegetables already picked or to pick your own!
Farm MarketSweet Corn is the cornerstone
of our Farm Market........

We open when our own sweet corn starts; usually the first week of August. We grow 15 different varieties of both bi-color and yellow sweet corn, spread over the season. Barring any frost, we can go as late as Thanksgiving; frost will finish the sweet corn. Our corn is picked from our own fields each and every day so you can enjoy it at the peak of flavour and freshness.

Phone (905) 887-5727
to see what we're picking that day

We would appreciate a call ahead if you're looking for 5 dozen or more corn, so we can have it bagged up waiting for you in our cooler. By the way, the sugar in corn turns to starch very quickly.  That's why we put our corn in the cooler as soon as it comes out of the field.  The cooling process helps to slow down the sugar turning to starch!

All of the following crops are grown by us, and are for sale in season*:

Basil Beans
Green, Wax and Romano
Beets Broccoli
Green and Purple
Green, Red and Savoy
Cantaloupe Carrots Cucumbers
Pickling and Slicing
Purple, Sicilian,
White, Oriental
Garlic Okra
Sweet and Hot
Pumpkins Raspberries
Fall Bearing
Squash Sweet Corn Tomatoes
Beefsteak, Heritage,
Watermelons Zucchini        

We also have a selection of local fruit, vegetables and honey

New for this year: Anna Marie's delicious homemade preserves!

*Please note that Mother Nature is often a fickle partner; The availability of crops in any given year depends on how much (or how little) rainfall and heat that we have had over the growing season.

Our Farm Market is OPEN Daily!
(from First week of August to October 31 - including holidays)

Tuesday to Sunday   8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Closed Mondays with the exception of
Civic holiday, Labor Day and Thanksgiving

Sorry, but no admittance to our fields one hour before closing time.


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